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Roger Coleman

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Annual Report and review 2021/2022

Name of Member: Councillor Roger Coleman

Ward: Bewdley & Rock

Section1: Attendance at Council / Committee and Sub-Committee meetings

Council 5 / 5
Members Forum 3 / 2
Audit 6 / 6
Licensing & Environmental 5 / 5
Treasury Management Review Panel 3 / 3

This represents an overall attendance of 95%

Period of Extended Absence, (e.g. Maternity leave/Sick leave): -
Number of meetings attended as a substitute:

Section 2: Mandatory Training Completed
Audit & Introductory Treasury Management
Environmental Protection Team Presentation

Cyber security training no of modules completed

Section 3: Community Involvement

The last year has continued to be difficult because of COVID 19 however the replacement of face-to-face meetings with Zoom and Teams helped and without the need to travel has on occasion allowed me to attend back-to-back meetings which would otherwise have been difficult as no travelling was needed. Informal meetings continue to use virtual meeting rooms and formal meetings have now restarted. I have this year become Chairman of the Audit Committee for the district and also serve on the Licensing and Environment Committee too.

Section 4: Assisting Constituents

As a District Councillor for Bewdley Rock and Upper Arley I have attended Parish and Town council meetings to be accessible to all local residents again by virtual meetings. Regrettably some are held on the same night so I haven't been able to attend all of them. I have aimed to promote and protect Bewdley Rock and Upper Arley residents which has been important as all the WFDC cabinet members are from either Kidderminster or Stourport. This has been particularly important where Localism has been concerned.

As a daily walker round Bewdley I am always available for resident's comments about issues of importance to them and their community as a councillor who actually lives in the Ward it's been easy to meet our residents without having to travel in to the Ward which has also helped me understand their issues too. On my travels I see many issues and report them for action through the WFDC and WCC hubs from blocked drains to failed street lights. I'm pleased to have helped residents with issues whether they be noise, planning or licencing concerns, I'm glad I'm able to draw on the wealth of knowledge gained from having been a Bewdley Town councillor for over 10 years now and the background knowledge of which council has authority on the subject and which officer can help. I'm now the longest continuous serving Town Councillor in Bewdley which allows me to recall historical events and traditions which helps when we have new councillors and a new Town Clerk.

Section 5: Supplementary Information

During the year I contributed from my district Councillor's allowance to up cycling a Bench on Park Lane i.e., a full repair. In Rock I used some of my allowance to help pay for a new speed sign and in Upper Arley contributed to a replacement notice board for the parish at Pound Green.

I continue to be an active member of Bewdley Town Council but as last year to give newer and younger councillors experience, I have stood back from committee membership following a request by the town clerk for less people on committees. Despite no formal memberships I have, where allowed, been an active contributor to all committees. An exception is being a member of the Planning Committee of which I am currently chairman.

It has given me great pleasure to serve the whole Wyre Forest community and in particular Bewdley Rock and Upper Arley over the last 12 months.

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Roger Coleman


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