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Mary Rayner

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Annual Report and review 2021/2022

Name of Member: Councillor Mary Rayner

Ward: Broadwaters

Section1: Attendance at Council / Committee and Sub-Committee meetings

Name of Committee No. of meetings held during the year No. of meetings attended
Council 5 - 5
Cabinet 8 - 8
Members Forum 3 - 3
Cabinet Advisory Panel - Green Agenda 8 - 7
Licensing & Environmental 4 - 4
Ethics & Standards 2 - 2
Local Plan Review Panel 1 - 1

This represents an overall attendance of 97%

Period of Extended Absence, (e.g. Maternity leave/Sick leave):-

Number of meetings attended as a substitute: 0

Section 2: Mandatory Training Completed
Audit & Introductory Treasury Management
Environmental Protection Team Presentation
Cyber security training no of modules completed - 5

Section 3: Community Involvement

Since the relaxation of the Covid restrictions I have been trying to engage with the Friends groups of local Parks at their monthly meetings and support them with activities and helping with their events when possible. A recent example of this was delivering some information leaflets for Friends of Baxter gardens.

I have done litter picking in my local area over the last year and have joined the Pick Up artists and supported them with litter picking not only in my area but also at Stourport and other areas in Kidderminster.

I have also attended the St Georges Church monthly lunch club since it has re-opened. It has been a great opportunity to engage with some of the local community.

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to engage with the multidisciplinary professions and community groups through DY10 Big local. This has been an excellent opportunity to meet other members of groups and help facilitate services to residents.

Section 4: Assisting Constituents

I have constituents contact me over the past year mainly by telephone or email due to the Covid restrictions. Their concerns have ranged from helping them with housing, benefits, fly tipping and planning issues.

Signposting residents with specific concerns that could be helped by directing them to Citizens Advice Bureau.

Supporting residents with planning applications or concerns and supporting them at planning meetings.

Liaising with the Police, enforcement officers, and residents who have concerns with people parking cars inappropriately.

When litter Street bins have been damaged, I have reported them to be replaced. Likewise, when there has been fly tipping I have reported it to the District Council or Community Housing group.

I have also engaged with the local policing teams (SNT)when concerns have been raised about anti-social behaviour, and Kidderminster and District Youth Trust who help with their out reach team to engage with some of the young people when needed.

When there have been concerns from residents or with external agencies and example of this was the provision of functioning of a sewage system which did affect one of the Parks, whereby I was given permission to engage with Severn Trent to resolve the problem. The issue took much longer to resolve than was initially anticipated as it was a very complex concern. I had an excellent officer and team from Severn Trent and we have built up a very good rapport between us. The problems have now been resolved; however, I do monitor the situation and report back on a regular basis to Severn Trent.

Section 5: Supplementary Information

I am a retired healthcare professional and do have people contact me with concerns to do with health care provision. I sign post them to the appropriate organisation that will help them

within the health service. I am also a member of Worcestershire health Watch and now I am no longer a county councillor I am able to actively engage with them and attend meetings. I can also give residents information of the role and function of Health Watch and how they can assist residents with their health concerns.

I am also a director of Holy Trinity School as I have an interest in education as I use to work as a senior lecturer in a university.

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Mary Rayner


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23 Dunnington Avenue
DY10 2YS

Telephone: 01562 748564
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